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Policy Title: Faculty Employment – Summer Sessions

Boise State University Policy #4230
Effective Date: July 1, 1978
Rev: July 1, 1995

Purpose: To provide a rationale for employing faculty for summer sessions.


  • I. As a general operating practice, only faculty who are returning the following academic year will be employed for one or both of the summer sessions. Summer school is under the direction of the Dean of Extended Studies.
  • II. Faculty members who have been granted either sabbatical leaves or leaves of absence without pay are eligible for summer employment prior to the academic year that the leave is authorized.
  • III. Preference for summer employment is given to tenured and tenure-track faculty.
  • IV. Faculty employment at established summer school rates is contingent upon sufficient enrollment in each course the faculty member teaches. In the case of low enrollment, faculty may be extended the opportunity to cancel the course or teach at a pro-rated salary based on number of students enrolled. Undergraduate and graduate course enrollment will be considered at differential rates, with graduate courses allowed a lower enrollment at full pay.