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Policy Title: Class Schedule Change Procedure

Boise State University Policy #4170
Effective Date: July, 1978
Rev: March, 1992; July 1, 1995

Purpose: To provide a procedure for changing class schedules.


  • I. Policy Statement
    • After a Schedule of Classes has been published, any necessary change must be processed to insure notification of all interested parties. To control such processing, the “Schedule Change Request” will be used for all changes.
  • II. Procedure
    • A. Additions, cancellations and changes including room, day/time, section capacity, and/or instructor must be routed to the Registrar’s Office via the “Schedule Change Request”.
    • B. The dean of the college and the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs must approve course cancellations and day/time changes that occur after students have received their class schedule/bill.
    • C. The Boise State Bookstore should also be notified of any changes that affect textbook orders.